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Sponix-Anti Aging Cream

Sponix - Hair & Scalp Therapy

Don’t let thinning hair result in baldness!

Sponix Hair & Scalp Therapy is a unique, all-natural, intensive leave-in hair treatment with a potent formulation of hair loss vitamins, minerals, herbs and natural DHT blockers to nourish hair follicles.

Only the finest quality ingredients are scientifically prepared in our product.

Our unique formulation includes Biotin, Folic Acid, Zinc and Botanicals.

How it works…

Hair Scalp Sponix Hair & Scalp Therapy allows tiny follicles beneath scalp to receive maximum treatment for a thick, full bodied hair. It effectively works by removing excess clogging in the hair follicle. Sponix Therapy rejuvenates hair follicles and stimulates growth. It maximizes the natural growth cycle of your hair without a prescription.

Hair root becomes strong and forms a resistance against imbalance to prevent thinning/loss of hair.

  • No Side-Effects

  • Safe and Effective

  • Best Hair Care Product without a Prescription

  • Topical Leave-in Treatment

Hair energizer for thinning & fine hair

  • Potent ingredients revitalize hair follicles

  • Includes natural botanical DHT blockers

  • Helps remove excess clogging in hair follicle

  • Paraben Free

  • Ideal for Men and Women

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