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Sponix-Anti Aging Cream

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Sponix - Sponix Tired Feet & Legs

Do you have tired, burning feet and aching legs?

Are you on your feet all day?

Want relief?

Sponix Tired Feet & Legs revitalizes tired, burning feet and legs

Tired Feet & LegsOur feet are often the least pampered part of our bodies. Our feet do a lot of work and take a lot of punishment each day. They can get worn out, beat up and they can hurt.

Sponix Tired Feet & Legs eases tired feet and is ideal for use at the end of a long, hard day standing on your feet, wearing high heels, or exercising. Sponix instantly refreshes and energizes with lasting effect.

Our hands-free gel applicator instantly invigorates and soothes tired, burning feet and aching legs. Sponix is infused with a special formulation that activates micro-circulation to restore vitality and energy, relaxing and relieving tired feet and legs. The fresh sensation lasts hours after application.

Ideal For:

  • Long Day Standing on Feet

  • Walking, Jogging, Hiking, & Running

An effective gel to instantly refresh & rejuvenate fatigued feet & legs

Dermatologist and Podiatrist recommended.

Ideal For Staff in:

  • Health Care

  • Construction

  • Police/Military

  • Athletes

  • Housewives

  • Caregivers

Sponix Tired Feet & Legs is Paraben Free, light & non-greasy, quick-drying and does not stain or leave feet feeling sticky. Sponix Tired Feet & Legs contains stimulating and invigorating herbs and essential oils to revitalize tired feet.

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