Harlyn EC12100 Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord - 100 Feet - Orange and Black - 12 AWG Gauge - 1875 Watts - 15 Amp - Three-pronged

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Bring your high wattage electrical appliance outside with the reliable Harlyn Outdoor Vinyl Extension Cord.Carefully tested and put under extreme quality control measures, our products are guaranteed to be of excellent standards.


  • Store indoors when not in use
  • Always uncoil cord before use
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Always turn off appliance prior to plugging into power source
  • Always grasp the plug not the cord when plugging and unplugging cord


  • Inspect cable prior to each use for cracks, loose connectors or bare conductors. Do not over use any faulty or damaged cable
  • Do not repair, splice or modify this product in any way
  • Do not use in wet or potentially wet locations
  • Do not exceed the electrical ratings
  • Unplug this cord when not in use


  • Failure to properly use the product could result in fire, serious or fatal injury.