Harlyn EC1012 Indoor Outdoor Extension Cord - 12 Feet - White - 16 AWG Gauge - 1625 Watts - 13 Amp - 3 two-pronged outlets

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Extend your home outlets with the reliable Harlyn Indoor Outdoor Vinyl Extension Cord.Carefully tested and put under extreme quality control measures, our products are guaranteed to be of excellent standards.


  • Store indoors when not in use
  • Always uncoil cord before use
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Always turn off appliance prior to plugging into power source
  • Always grasp the plug not the cord when plugging and unplugging cord


  • Inspect cable prior to each use for cracks, loose connectors or bare conductors. Do not over use any faulty or damaged cable
  • Do not repair, splice or modify this product in any way
  • Do not use in wet or potentially wet locations
  • Do not exceed the electrical ratings
  • Unplug this cord when not in use


  • Failure to properly use the product could result in fire, serious or fatal injury.